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Mohammad Ramdhan Pomanto

Makassar, Indonesia

Mr. Mohammad Ramdhan Pomanto is an architect who graduated from Hasanuddin University, Makassar, Indonesia. He began his career as a lecturer in the faculty of engineering of Hasanuddin University and started his own architectural firm. He has produced 651 architectural designs and works in 71 cities and regencies in Indonesia.

In running the government, Mayor Pomanto using the “touch heart” principle, where the head of village meet directly with the citizen, listen to complaints, and deliver programs to encourage public engagement, such as laneway revitalization (green laneways) and waste management.

Under his leadership, Makassar City reach the highest economy growth in Indonesia and Public Community Happiness Index increase significantly (75,21%). For Mayor Pomanto, the successful leadership and development of a city is determined by how many citizen and the communities involved.