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Rusdy Mastura

Palu, Indonesia

Rusdy commonly called Cudi was first elected as Mayor of Palu in 2005 with Suardin Suebo are also former Mayor of Palu. Couple Cudi - Suardin only lasts until 2008 after Suardin Suebo resigned as Deputy Mayor Hammer because Suardin run Donggala As regent. Suardin replaced by Mulhanan Tombolotutu commonly called Tony. Rusdy Mastura is a Mayor Visionary. Greatest aspiration is to create a world civilization that is initiated by the Malayu people. Rusdy look at the Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese, and European've initiated the development of the world. Then, why are the Malays never? To realize the vision of that magnitude, the man who once served as chairman of the Palu City Council's began by building a city he leads, Palu .In this city, he will build an integrated industrial park. Rusdy Mastura has received a number of awards During his period as Mayor of Palu City including: Leadership Award 2008, Award UPAKARTI and recently he received the Innovative Government Award.