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About the Forum

(By Invitation Only)

The World Cities Summit Mayors Forum is an annual by-invitation only global event for city leaders to discuss pressing urban issues and share best practices with one another. The peer-to-peer platform invites mayors and senior leaders from international organisations and the industry to exchange experiences in developing integrated urban solutions, building economic and environmental resilience, engaging with communities and sustaining a high quality of life in urban regions.

Mayors and city leaders will engage roundtable discussions on :

- High Quality of Life: A Vibrant City Life
- Sustainable Environment: Water & Waste Management
- Competitive Economy: Driving Investment
- Integrated Long-term Planning: Balancing stakeholder interests
- Dynamic Urban Governance: Replanting the seeds of Good Governance
- Intelligent Cities.

For the list of participating cities, please click here for more updates.

Click here to download the report on the World Cities Summit Mayors Forum 2013, which was held in Bilbao, Spain