Sustainable Event Measures

To conserve our environment, the organisers are looking at the following eco-friendly measures:

  1. Reduce carbon footprint by selecting an event venue within walking distance from various public transport such as the Circle Line MRT and bus-stop, and choosing supporting hotels for our delegates that are of close proximity
  2. Select Sands Expo & Convention Center, Marina Bay Sands, an event venue that has been recently awarded the BCA Green Mark Gold Award, recognizing its eco-friendly initiatives and efforts towards sustainability and efficiency.
  3. Serve drinking water from jugs instead of providing bottled water
  4. Use porcelain ware for meals instead of disposable cutlery
  5. Set up collection points for the conference badges at exits
  6. Set up recycling bins at the entrances and exits of our venue
  7. Set the temperature of the venue no lower than 25-degree Celsius
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