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As a business destination of choice, Singapore's appeal is rooted in a vibrant, well-organised pro-business environment reinforced by quality infrastructure, excellent connectivity to the rest of Asia and a strong network of strategic partnerships. Whether you're looking for business or leisure options, you can easily personalise your experiences according to what you would like to see and be part of during your Singapore visit. As a city constantly in transformation, there's always something new to enjoy and participate in every time you come to Singapore. With a high concentration of business and leisure offerings that is accessible and customizable, you can also be assured of creating an enriching experience that's more than just business.

About Singapore

Located right in the heart of Asia, Singapore thrives as an international financial and trading hub. Its reputed efficiency, skilled workforce, strong trade agreements, excellent infrastructure, extensive and high-growth networking base make Singapore a compelling destination for business and conventions. Looking further beneath Singapore's business legacy and you will find a rich social fabric that is vibrant, colourful and unique in many ways. About Singapore

Singapore is a city of contrast. It is East and West. It is where the ideas of the future mingle with the ways of tradition. Where one can enjoy breakfast with orangutans at the famed Singapore Zoo, another can groove to a different beat in the company of party animals.

This is a city with many unique and enriching experiences, now and throughout the year. Enjoy a rich events calendar, from world-class musical to boisterous festivals. For culture vultures, museums and art venues are a must-see, and traditional Chinese operas have been and remain hot on the list.

What you can do in Singapore

Singapore Zoo
The Singapore Zoo promises enough fun and variety to keep you busy the entire day. Orang Utans, chimpanzees, lions, Komodo dragons, polar bears - these are just a few of the many animals that make up the zoo's collection. This open-concept zoo with 2,000 animals of 240 species, allows visitors to see animals in their natural habitat.  To whip up your appetite, you can even have breakfast with the Orang Utans or Lunch with the lions.

Merlion Park & City Skyline
Take a walk along the Central Business District to enjoy the glittering city skyline of Singapore. Along the way, stop by the Merlion Park, located across from Fullerton Square to catch the Singapore' national icon, the Merlion (half lion, half fish).

Raffles Hotel
Opened in 1887 and gazetted as a National Monument in 1987, this grand Old Lady of the East is one of the world's last great 19th century hotels. The hotel is a favourite retreat for writers and movie stars and home of the Singapore Sling, a celebrated cocktail.

Singapore Botanic Gardens
Close to the city, the Botanic Gardens combine both primary jungle and manicured gardens in a 52-hectare spread. Housing an abundance of flora, including many rare specimens, it is also a popular venue for outdoor concerts.

Fountain of Wealth
Designed on the principles of  Chinese geomancy or 'fengshui' (wind and water), the Fountain of wealth is believed to guarantee success and wealth.  Being the largest fountain in the world, it consists of 85 tonnes of cast bronze over 46 feet high.  Visit the fountain of Wealth today for good luck!

Jurong Bird Park
Located in the western part of Singapore, Jurong Bird Park is home to more than 8,000 birds, from over 600 species.

Chinese Gardens
Built in the style of the Imperial Sung Dynasty and mirroring the grandeur of the Beijing Summer Palace, the aesthetic Chinese Garden features majestic bridges, pagodas, a stoneboat, a teahouse and a Suzhou-style Bonsai Garden.

Situated off the main island, it's a land where you can enjoy the sun, sand and the beach.  In addition, you will also be able to experience history, culture and heritage. 
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Tuck into satay - a popular local Malay dish. A street - side snack sold by Malay hawkers in the early 1950s. Satay is a skewered - style dish of well - marinated meat chunks grilled over charcoal fire.

Chilli Crab Chilli Crab
Don't miss out a chance to try Singapore's famed Chilli Crab, prepared from an array of aromatic ingredients: onions, garlic, black rice vinegar, fresh ground chilli, tomato paste and so forth. Simply dip the French baguette, Chinese steamed bun into the thick chili gravy or just spread the gravy on steamed rice for the added punch.  Also, try the famous black pepper crab that is easily found in various seafood restaurants around Singapore.

Hainanese Chicken Rice
Its one of the most popular local fare found throughout the city.  The magic of this dish lies in the accompanying chilli sauce, usually made from a special blend of chilli, garlic and ginger and the rice cooked in the chicken stock.  Also to try the roasted version.

Roti Prata
One of the well-liked Indian dishes in Singapore, The dough is made from a mixture of water and wheat flour.  After being skillfully stretched and flipped to form a flat shape, its then fried with hot oil till it turns golden brown.

The Roti prata is often served alongside spicy curry gravy, although some prefer it with sugar.

Bak Kut Teh
Bak kut teh, or literally 'pork bone tea', is a popular Chinese soup-based dish found in Singapore.  The broth takes hours to prepare with extensive ingredients namely, the meaty pork ribs, garlic, white peppercorns, star anise and soy sauce.  Its best served with a bowl of rice, or simply dip some freshly-made yu char kway (fried Chinese dough sticks) into the soup.

Fried Carrot Cake
This is not the usual dessert which is sweet spiced cake but a savoury cooked in a combination of small rectangular rice flour cakes, white radish, scrambled eggs, chopped spring onions and chye poh.  You can choose to have the "black" version with dark sweet soy sauce or "white" version.

Laksa is a spicy Peranakan noodle soup dish that combines Chinese and Malay elements. The secret of a great bowl of laksa lies in the preparation of the soup, cooked in the right amount of coconut milk, blanched bean sprouts, thick white noodles and topped with cockles, eggs, prawns and sliced fish cake.  Many areas in Singapore claim to sell the 'first' original laksa in Singapore; the traditional ones are more likely to be found in the eastern side of Singapore, especially the Katong area.

Char Kway Teow
One of Singapore's flagship, the char kway teow is an absolute must-try.  It's a combination of yellow and flat rice noodles fried with dark sauce and pork lard with other ingredients like cockles, prawns, bean sprouts.

It's basically a fruit and vegetable salad with turnip, pineapple, cucumber, tau kwa (fried tofu), bean sprouts and yu char kway, all tossed together with a sweet, prawn paste-based dressing that adds up to be a mouth watering dish.  Some locals prefer to have theirs spicy; in which a spicy chilli paste is added into the rojak to spice things up.

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