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Public and Private: Joining Forces for Climate Resilience

Climate resilience cannot be undertaken by one entity alone. Our speakers share the business case for companies to commit to climate resilience and the importance of science and data not only to inform policies, but also report corporates' performances on their environmental, social and corporate governance goals.

Smarter and Greener: Transforming through Technology

Amidst global threats and disruptions, how can we unleash the potential of technology for smarter and greener cities? Our speakers shed light on how cities can lead the global technology development process through identifying its greatest challenges, establishing trust with the industry, and facilitating an agile procurement framework.

In-Conversation with Minister Indranee Rajah

COVID-19, the climate crisis, social shifts and new technologies have shaken the world. Minister Indranee reflects on Singapore’s experience with Dr Cheong and the importance of creating a green and resilient future through comprehensive city and infrastructure planning and working with the international community and citizens, so that cities can continue to thrive despite the disruptions.

Preparing Global Cities for a Dynamic Future: 5 Key Principles

How can city administrations identify and attack looming challenges, facilitate the essential function of harnessing the private sector and innovators with alignment and focus, and at the same time stimulate economic growth and opportunity? Here are 5 Key Principles from David on how to Prepare Global Cities for a Dynamic Future.