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WCS 2022 Smart Cities Workshop

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Held virtually, this workshop will advance participating cities’ smart city projects, primarily through deep-dive webinars with relevant partners such as consultants, funders and solution providers. The key benefits of the workshop include:


Expected Participants

50 Participating Cities


§  ASEAN Smart Cities Network (ASCN) member cities;

§  Cities in the 18 East Asia Summit Participating Countries;

§  Cities in Middle East, Europe, Africa, North America and Latin America. 

Each city is encouraged to send a team consisting of one (1) Chief Smart City Officer/Chief Technology Officer or equivalent representative and one (1) technical expert for the workshop

100 Partners


§  Private Sector Technology Solution Providers 

§  Financial Institutions, including commercial banks multinational development banks, Foundations etc

§  International Organisations and city networks

§  Cities with smart solutions to offer to participating cities

Elements of the Workshop

Elements of the Workshop


Format (100% Virtual)

Part 1:
Pre-Event Survey

Understand and match cities’ urban challenges and focus areas with partners’ areas of expertise

Based on pre-event survey conducted with cities and partners:

• Cities and partners will be matched and assigned to various webinar sessions based on their areas of focus

• Matching are based on:

a) Suitability

b) Synergy

c) Preference

WCS Session
(22 JULY 2021,
4.00pm - 5.10pm; GMT+8)

Learn from government leaders and industry experts on how cities can manage and leverage new technologies to deliver outcomes


“Smarter and Greener: Transforming through Technology”


Technologies like big data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) can improve lives but may also increase vulnerabilities. How is technology driving change amidst global threats like COVID-19 and climate change, and at what cost? How can governments and businesses cooperate to help cities thrive in an ever-changing environment?

Part 2:
Deep Dive Webinars
(29 JULY 2021)

Cities and partners discuss potential collaborations and solutions

• 1-day workshop of 3 break-out webinars addressing key urban development and resilience issues with environmental, social and economic considerations, where cities and partners with similar interests will gather for deep-dive discussions

• Details of each webinar session are provided in the Programme Outline

Programme Outline

Programme Outline for 29 July 2021

The Future of Cities (WCS Partner Event by Mastercard)

9.00am to 10.00am (GMT+8)

COVID-19 drastically changed city life over the past year. As the pandemic slowly winds down, what changes will global cities face permanently? In many cities, longstanding challenges became even more evident, and once temporary, lifestyle and working adjustments are increasingly likely to stay. Join Mastercard’s Miguel Gamino and HSBC’s Greg Clark in a discussion on how cities can prepare for the city of the future.

  • Miguel Gamino, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Partnerships and Head of Global Cities, Mastercard
  • Greg Clark, Group Advisor on Future Cities and New Industries, HSBC

Building secure cities and social cohesion in the digital age *

10.00am to 11.30am (GMT+8)

In the new digital age, liveable and sustainable cities must keep pace with the diverse needs of their citizens and the city’s development. How can city governments enhance the social connectedness and cultural diversity of citizens; while addressing traditional and non-traditional security risks such as public safety and cyber threats respectively?

  • Miguel Gamino, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Partnerships and Head of Global Cities, Mastercard
  • Elena Eunbyul Cho, Programme Manager, World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization (WeGo)
  • Rahul Savdekar, Director of Industry Solutions WWPS Asia, Microsoft
  • Joris G. Van Ette, Senior Urban Development Specialist in Southeast Asia Department Urban Development and Water Division, Asian Development Bank
  • Bill Banks, Partner and Asia-Pacific Infrastructure Leader, Ernst & Young Solutions LLP

Cybersecurity Strategies for the Future City (WCS Partner Event by Mastercard)

12.30pm to 1.15pm (GMT+8)

In recent years cyber attacks against cities have become increasingly common and incredibly damaging. A cyber attack can cripple city services and cause incredibly costly damage. While attacks against the largest cities receive the most headlines, cities of all sizes are a risk of a costly cyber attack. What can cities do to protect themselves from emerging cyber threats? Join this multistakeholder panel to discuss ways cities can prepare themselves to take on the cyber threats of today and tomorrow.


Smart innovations in urban planning *

1.30pm to 3.00pm (GMT+8)

Today, with an increased utilization of smart technologies, many of the built infrastructure has gone beyond the hard, grey brick and mortar constructions that of yester years. How can smart infrastructure help cities tackle issues such as urban congestion, urban heat effect, poor waste and water management? How will these innovations improve not only the infrastructure but also the productivity and competitiveness of the various industries?

  • Jamie Fu, Vice President, Enterprise Partnership, Mastercard INC
  • Hashimoto Toru, Director General, International Affairs Bureau, City of Yokohama
  • Eugene Seah, Managing Director, Surbana Technologies, Surbana Jurong
  • Sangmoo Kim, Senior Investment Operations Specialist (Urban), Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
  • Tony Canavan, Partner and Global Transport Leader, Ernst & Young Solutions LLP

Smart Strategies to Revive Urban Tourism (WCS Partner Event by Mastercard)

3.30pm to 4.15pm (GMT+8)

The tourism industry was one of the most heavily affected by the travel restrictions implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic, with cities that depend on tourism suffering greatly. An estimated 120 million people globally have lost their jobs in tourism, disproportionately affecting women, young people, and small entrepreneurs, as they account for 80% of the global tourism sector. How can cities leverage data and information to help bring tourism back in a sustainable, inclusive way?

  • Dr. David Ricketts, Innovation Fellow, Technology and Entrepreneurship Center, Harvard University (Moderator)
  • Ming Fai Wong, Chief Technology Officer, Singapore Tourism Board
  • Dr. Elif Balci Fisunoglu, Vice General Manager, Tourism Operations & Development, Türkiye Tourism Promotion & Development Agency
  • Andreas Spycher, Data & Services- Government & Public Sector, Mastercard

Sustainable smart cities for vibrant and resilient communities *

4.30pm to 6.00pm (GMT+8)

The well-being and health of the general populace are shaped by how they live, learn, work and play. How can cities leverage smart initiatives to build a more resilient, inclusive and vibrant environment for healthier, happier people, especially in an era of disruptions such as pandemics and climate change? How can these solutions help to drive inclusive communities and address barriers to equitable access to opportunities for all?

  • Lim Kok Kee, Senior Vice President, Government Engagement Asia Pacific, Mastercard INC
  • Yang YongDeputy Director General, Eco City Administrative Committee, Tianjin Eco-City
  • Wong Liang Kit, General Manager of Business Development at Keppel Land China, Keppel Corporation
  • Li Xiao Qing, Technical Principal, Infrastructure Development & Economics, Mott Macdonald
  • Dr Maitreyi Das, Manager, Urban Disaster Risk Management, Resilience and Land Global Practice, World Bank

* By-invite only

Programme Flow for Each Webinar Session

Programme Flow for Each Webinar Session



Welcome remarks by CLC

2 minutes

Brief overview of session by WCS Smart Cities Workshop Exclusive Sponsor (Mastercard)

5 minutes

Introduction of Speakers by Facilitators

3 minutes

Sharing of smart city projects by cities

30 minutes


5 minutes

Sharing of urban solutions by Partners

15 minutes


5 minutes

Panel discussion and closing

25 minutes

Total duration

90 minutes

Contact Us
For more enquiries on Smart Cities Workshop, please contact Grace_Lau@mnd.gov.sg.


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