Nominate a Young Leader


We welcome your nominations of suitable individuals to join our World Cities Summit Young Leaders network.

Who is a World Cities Summit Young Leader?

World Cities Summit Young Leaders are:
  • Between the ages of 30 and 45 (29 to yet to reach 46th birthday)
  • Proven “Changemakers” or accomplished leaders whose work has impacted the city / community;
  • In sectors with an urban dimension such as those focusing on liveability, sustainability, governance and planning

To nominate, please email with the following details:
  • Name
  • Year of birth
  • Designation and organisation
  • Profile of the organisation
  • Country and/or city based in, or region candidate is familiar with based on years of experience
  • Nominee’s email address
  • Nominee’s contact information
  • Reason for nomination, areas of expertise and notable projects
  • Nominator’s name and contact details
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