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Balancing commerce, community and culture

This tour starts with the Singapore City Gallery. Highlights include two giant models of the entire island and the city centre. Visitors will gain an understanding of how planners designed the city to balance development, heritage and nature.

Beside the Gallery is the historic district of Chinatown. Walk through Chinatown-Kreta Ayer to understand the rehabilitation of this precinct, marked by the conservation of 1000 buildings, with its unique architectural and social heritage.

Finally, visit The Pinnacle@Duxton, the first award-winning public housing project, and Singapore’s first 50-storey public housing. Located near Chinatown, it is a historically significant site, where the first rental flats were built in 1964.

Learn how land use was optimised through renewal and rejuvenation programmes to draw new and younger communities back to a mature estate

Theme - Sustainable City; Heritage and Conservation; Integrated