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The Sustainable Waterfront Town in the Tropics


A waterfront town of the 21st Century, Punggol is the vision of new towns. Featuring a new concept in housing, the town is served by an integrated transport network and clustered amenities, and supported by commercial centres with green landscapes and a waterway running through the estate. The delegates would have a chance to explore this innovative urban product during this visit.

The Punggol area used to be a well-established rural district dotted with pig farms. By 1970s, poultry and pig farms were gradually phased out alongside old kampongs and low-rise residential areas, giving way to the high-rise public housing flats when redevelopment commenced. Punggol 21 Plus is a plan to develop Punggol into a waterfront town of the 21st century.

As Singapore’s first eco-town, Punggol demonstrates how sustainable development can be achieved through comprehensive town planning and design, adoption of green technologies and active community partnership. Waterway Terraces is one of the key developments that set Punggol apart as a sustainable waterfront town in the tropics. It is located along Punggol Waterway, and conveniently sited near the main facilities and amenities such as MRT & LRT stations, bus interchange and the proposed Town Centre and Sports complex nearby. The development yields a total of 1,876 dwelling units, across six residential blocks ranging from 7 to 18 storeys with a skyline cascading towards the waterway.

The design concept of the development was inspired by terraced rice fields of South East Asia and the development’s name of “Waterway Terraces” appropriately describes the concept of terracing roof gardens. In addition, the development has incorporated eco-friendly features that capitalised on nature and the use of green technologies.

A central feature of Punggol 21 Plus is the Punggol Waterway. The Waterway runs through the Punggol Waterway Park, and both serve to increase park and water frontage for the housing estates and also provide a green respite for residents. Designed with four themes to cater to residents of all ages, the Park also provides residents opportunities for leisure activities such as jogging and cycling which can be carried out along the promenade at both sides of the Waterway.

An Integrated Transport Network with a Light Rapid Transit System was designed to interface with the Punggol North-East Line Mass Rapid Transit Station and bus interchange, providing excellent intra-and-inter-town accessibility.