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Microsoft provides software and services that help people communicate, do their work, be entertained, and manage their personal lives. Over the past 30 years, innovative technology has transformed how we access and share information, changed the way businesses and institutions operate, and made the world smaller by giving us instant access to people and resources everywhere,

Microsoft works closely with public and private sector partners throughout Asia Pacific to help enterprise customers, governments, educational institutions and nongovernmental bodies meet business, social and economic challenges and realize the potential of their organizations and their people.

Our commitment to the region is reflected by the thousands of developers, resellers, independent software vendors, and small and medium-sized enterprises whose goals for growth and greater business efficiency has been made possible by Microsoft technology.

For more information about Microsoft, please visit:

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Visit Microsoft's booth at level 4, Room 4613 & 4713, Roselle Jr

Microsoft and our partners are showcasing solutions to some of the key challenges Cities are facing, including City safety (automating monitoring of video feeds); efficient transportation management; sustainable buildings (energy management); and planning (geospatial information). In addition, solutions around e-voting and Citizen engagement will also be featured.
  • Automating monitoring of video feeds
  • Energy management
  • Geospatial information