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NUS Cities

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NUS Cities, hosted within the College of Design and Engineering, is a dynamic, interdisciplinary entity committed to advancing the understanding and addressing the complex challenges faced by cities globally. As an open and inclusive collaborative platform, NUS Cities brings together a diverse community of academics, practitioners, and experts from various disciplines and institutions worldwide.

The mission is to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and innovative thinking to tackle the multifaceted issues confronting cities. By leveraging the collective expertise of our faculty, adjunct experts, and seasoned practitioners, we aim to drive impactful research, education, and advisory services through an urban system approach in areas such as community sustainability, climate resilience, health and ageing, and urban technology.

NUS Cities strive to position themselves as a thought leader in the study of cities, presenting original research and cutting-edge insights from our research and practitioner community. Through the interdisciplinary approach, it promotes collaboration and understanding among researchers of different disciplines, emphasizing the interconnectedness of social, economic, and environmental aspects of urban systems.

By promoting collaboration, innovation, and education, NUS Cities aims to play a pivotal role in shaping sustainable, resilient and liveable cities for the future.