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Cities for People

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What makes a good city?

A "good city" is not just a collection of buildings and infrastructure, but a place where people can live fulfilling lives with access to necessities, opportunities and a sense of community. City leaders must be committed to continually rejuvenate their cities and plan for the long-term, while remaining flexible and responsive to the changing needs of residents.

Plenary I:
How can cities rejuvenate for the better?

Developing and mature cities alike need to constantly revitalise themselves to maintain liveability. Yet, it can be hard to make changes, especially in older cities, when things are already built or running in a certain way. This plenary discusses how successful urban renewal can be achieved if planning and governance are organised in ways that prioritise well-being and inclusivity across communities and generations.

Plenary II:
Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize Lecture

The Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize Lecture celebrates the 2024 Prize Laureate’s and Special Mentions’ achievements in the creation of liveable, vibrant, and sustainable urban communities with a high quality of life. The 2024 Prize Laureate and Special Mentions will share their urban development experiences, highlighting their unique contexts, challenges faced, and urban solutions deployed.