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Future Cities

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What are the new frontiers for urban life?

New cities are being built from scratch, while other cities are developing new regions and districts on greenfield sites.

How can planners, developers, businesses and the community take the opportunity to jointly develop “cities of the future” on a clean slate, with revolutionary urban and social paradigms that support the liveability of cities across generations?

Plenary I:
What are the paradigm shifts needed to build future cities?

The world is facing resource constraints, climate stresses, and new divides are forming along values and generational lines. This plenary discusses how new approaches in the way we live and work. Further deep dive into how play, learn, move, consume and interact are needed to build liveable cities now and for future generations.

Plenary II:
From Vision to Reality: Developing Future Cities

This closing plenary explores how partnerships with businesses, communities and people should be included in planning processes and governance approaches in the development of future liveable cities.