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Smart Cities

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How should technology shape human-centric cities of tomorrow?

Artificial intelligence, advanced smart grid systems, the advent of the Metaverse – there has been an unprecedented surge in smart technologies in recent years. How can the transformative potential of these smart tools be unlocked to reinvent liveable cities for all?

Plenary I:
How do we create human-centric smart cities?

Cities should not be ‘smart’ for smart’s sake. This plenary explores how technologies can be harnessed to overcome social challenges and build trust, inclusivity, safety and accessibility for people.

Plenary II:
What makes a city truly smart?

Cities are complex adaptive systems. Technologies need to be sensitively designed and implemented to synergise long-term infrastructure development with responsive urban governance and management. This plenary discusses how developing a science of cities, backed by data and scientific analysis, can enhance understanding, and support, how cities work.