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By-invite roundtables co-organised with partners entail focused discussions between urban experts in the relevant topics, which create an ecosystem of synergies with the high-level content discussions at WCS tracks.

Real Estate Developers Roundtable

A Developer’s Perspective on the 4Ds of Transforming Cities

Organised by The Urban Land Institute, Jakarta Property Institute and the Centre for Liveable Cities. By-Invite only

1 August 2022, 2.30pm – 4.00pm

As cities grow denser, they continue to face intensifying pressures from ageing buildings, evolving lifestyles, and the climate crisis. To thrive, the urban development and real estate of cities must transform, by leveraging a 4D strategy – decarbonisation, digitalisation, decentralisation and disclosure.

This roundtable brings together leaders with deep regional experience to exchange knowledge on how the building and development sector in APAC cities are delivering on these four strategies, debate the strengths and tensions of different approaches, and strategise actionable steps to advance into the ‘new normal’.


Kwek-Eik-Sheng_Roundtable.png Kwek Eik Sheng
Group Chief Operating Officer
City Developments Ltd
Lim-Hua-Tiong_Roundtable.png Lim Hua Tiong
Chief Executive Officer
Frasers Property Vietnam & Development, Frasers Property (Holdings) Thailand
Karuna-Murdaya_Roundtable.png Karuna Murdaya
Central Cipta Murdaya (CCM)
Minh-Nguyen_Roundtable.png Minh Nguyen
Deputy CEO
MIK Group


Nina Yang
Chief Executive Officer
SJ CityGlobal

Full biographies of the speakers can be found in Who's Coming.

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