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Plenary II

Liveable and Sustainable Cities: Combating the Climate Crisis
2 August 2022, 11.30am – 1.00pm

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Cities are at the heart of the climate crisis. They generate over 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions and are especially vulnerable to climate risks, but are also home to the innovations and resources needed to address the climate crisis. How can cities do better, faster, for the future of our planet?

Slated as a Closing Plenary on 2 Aug 2022, this session is titled Liveable & Sustainable Cities: Combating the Climate Crisis. A lively conversation and discussion will be shared by global leaders on how can cities do better and faster, for the future of our planet.


Panel Discussion

Dawoud-Abdul-Rahman-Al-Hajri_Plenaries.png Dawoud Abdul Rahman Al-Hajri
Maimunah-Mohd-Sharif_Plenaries.png Maimunah Mohd Sharif
Executive Director
Osamu-Ono-Plenaries.png Osamu Ono
Senior Vice President, Chief Regional Officer, Asia Pacific & India
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.


Tai-Lee-Siang-Plenaries.png Tai Lee Siang
Head of Pillar, Architecture and Sustainable Design; Programme Director of Design and Artificial Intelligence
Singapore University of Technology and Design

Audience Q&A

Closing Remarks

Indranee-Rajah_Plenaries.png Indranee Rajah
Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, and Second Minister for
Finance and National Development

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